Dincher & Dincher Tree Surgeons

Current Project

Bradford County

Recently, we’ve been clearing for gas industry water retention in Bradford County.

Tree Planting in Newberry Park

We’ve shown up in the news. Read the full article by clicking here.

Large Ash Removal Milton PA

Our team recently handled a large ash removal in Milton, Pa.

Storm Damage

Handling of storm damage this April. Winds reached up to 70 mph resulting in heavy damage featured here.

Chestnut Street Reconstruction - Mifflinburg, PA

Complete street rebuild including all utilities, drainage, lighting, and landscaping. Removal of 105 trees and stumps during Dec 2012 and Jan 2013. All trees will be replaced at completion of the project.

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Wellsboro Elm Support

Wellsboro Elm Support

Chad Eckert, a certified arborist with Dincher and Dincher, is shown in the bucket truck working on the Jailhouse Elm in Wellsboro. A total of six employees from Dincher and Dincher Tree Surgeons, Inc. of Williamsport completed the installation of a support system in the crown of the historic elm located in Wellsboro.

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Selinsgrone Residential Stump Removal

State College Borough Street

State College Borough Street Tree Pruning 319 mature and young street trees to be pruned in April/May

Mulch time

Mulch time. Mulch sales brisk during early spring, Chips and wood from 2010 now double ground mulch.

State College Pruning

State College Borough Pruning over 300 street trees in State College

Walnut tree removal

Skid steer makes short work of 24 foot long log

Repair of rte 864 in Lycoming county

Repair of rte 864 in Lycoming county from Sept flooding. Utility lines need moved for roadway stabilization. Glenn O Hawbaker, Inc general contractor, Dincher and Dincher subcontractor for clearing.

Tree Removal, Ferguson County

Tree Removal for road widening Ferguson Twp Centre County

700 Young Street

Pruning of over 700 young street trees in Ferguson Twp Centre County

East Stroudsburg University

East Stroudsburg University tree condition. Nearly 100 trees at the ESU campus were evaluated by Bernie Dincher (Board Certified Master Arborist). The trees were rated on health and structure. Maintenance suggestions were also given as part of the report. Molly Dincher offered assistance collecting data. The assessment will help with future budget items for tree and landscape maintenance. The University value it’s resource of trees to attract students as well as offer storm water , and energy saving benefits of large canopy trees.

Pine tree removals

Pine tree removals from deck. These trees were removed using a large crane from Williamsport Crane and Rigging, along with our tree climbers and cleanup crew. A total of 15 trees were removed in 2 days. The logs are to be sold by the property owner. The tops were chipped and hauled from the site.

Oak removal at Heshbon

Large Red Oak removal at Heshbon United Methodist Church. This tree was cracking apart and measured over 5.5 feet in diameter. Worker Andrew Ramirez stands next to th base of the tree with 5 foot chainsaw .

Storm Damage New Berlin, PA

Removal of storm damaged Norway Maple in New Berlin, PA. This tree was surrounded by a deck, screen porch, and landscaping. There was also a hot tub directly underneath, as well as a fountain.

Storm damage in Snyder

Storm damage in Snyder and Union Counties Several tree removals due to high winds and heavy rain.

Infested Elm tree removal in State Collage

Due to the diseased elm yellows, we removed five large elm trees near The Rathskeller and two more around the corner, in the 300 block of East College Avenue. We also removed an eighth tree Friday from College Heights, on North Allen Street.
Elm yellows, spread by the tiny leafhopper insect, attacks a tree’s
“inner bark” stopping nutrient flow and causing the leaves to yellow
and the tree to die.

The Wellsboro Shade Tree Commission

The Wellsboro Shade Tree Commission has hired Dincher & Dincher to prune trees in the central business district. The trees will be cleared from buildings, and dead wood removed. The Borough has always valued the down town trees. The trees add value to this small town which is visited by thousands of tourists yearly.

Ashlar Manor

Removal of hazardous trees at Ashlar Manor Campus. Large trees with advanced root rot being removed for safety of students.

Ralston Water Company

Site clearing for improvements at filtration area. Removal of large trees and salvage of timber at the site.

Bradford County Green Career Day

Dincher and Dincher participated in the Bradford County Green Career Day at MT Pisgah State Park near Troy. This event introduces eighth grade students to environmental based careers. Our company demonstrated tree care,and landscape maintenance. All of the students participated in climbing a tree using the latest equipment. Also participating with us were Penn State Horticulture Dept, and PA College of Technology Horticulture. Approximately 50 students chose to attend our station and all of them climbed the tree.

Jersey Shore Borough

Jersey Shore Borough’s street were pruned in the central business area. The
pruning included dead and damaged branches, street and sidewalk clearance,
and structural improvement to the trees.

Wellsboro Chamber of Commerce

This tree is the fourth largest American Elm in PA. Routine removal of dead wood is essential to managing the tree for disease control (Dutch Elm Disease). Due to the enormous amount of pedestrian traffic under this tree, hazard reduction from dead wood removal is also necessary. D&D have been caring for this tree for about 20 years.

State College Borough Elm Removal

Removal of American Elm Trees infected with Elm Yellows is essential to slow the spread of this disease. Eight large elms will be removed for this contract. This helps supplement efforts of the Borough’s in house crew to get more work done.

Hazard reduction pruning/tree removal at Centre County Grange Fairgrounds

Approximately 300 trees were pruned of dead and hazardous branches to ensure safety at the fairground. This fair is unique because several hundred campers stay on the grounds in Military type tents. These tents are located within a grove of Mature trees. Reducing liability by pruning failure prone branches is a priority of the Fair Committee.

Citizen's Electric

Dincher and Dincher was awarded a contract to clear power lines for Citizen’s Electric in Lewisburg Pa. The work will consist of tree removal and pruning throughout the company’s 50 square mile electric distribution system. Citizen’s uses best management practices for utility tree pruning and is a Tee Line USA Utility. The use of ISA Certified Arborists is required.