We recognize that your trees reflect the character of your property. At D&D we strive to enhance your property by protecting your trees’ health and vibrancy. Our residential services include everything from tree planting, plant health care, cabling and bracing to emergency storm service and tree and stump removal.


Commercial & Municipal

Visual design and functional requirements are important considerations in commercial situations, and D&D can handle all aspects of property management with our full range of tree services. Our fully insured crew are experienced in all aspects of tree maintenance, and provide timely response to your needs


Utilities & Roads

Fully insured, our certified arborists are committed to the highest quality workmanship and knowledge of trees—problems and solutions. From tree planting, pruning and emergency storm service, to all aspects of line work and utility situations, D&D can handle tree related issues

Advice from the Arborist

Why do fruit trees need pruning?

There are several reasons growers prune fruiting trees. Most fruit is formed on horizontal branches. By pruning the upright branches fruit spur development is enhanced on the lateral branches. Trees generally are alternate bearing, producing bumper crops one year and a smaller crop the next. Pruning reduces the amount of flower buds helping to spread…

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Ask the Arborist