About Dincher and Dincher

Dincher and Dincher Tree Surgeons Inc., was founded by Bernard J. Dincher and Thomas M. Dincher in 1950. The two brothers boarded a city bus carrying a cross-cut saw, and cut down a tree for a fee of $50.00. The brush was burned and the log bucked into firewood. The business was run as a part time enterprise until the mid seventies. The founders’ two oldest sons built a full time full service tree company. The company was largely serving the residential tree care sector.

In 1982 Electric Line clearance was added to the services provided to the area. Other areas of service were also added for Highway safety as well as municipal and other commercial and industrial accounts. The company continues to grow with approximately 40 full time employees now on staff. We also serve an area of approximately a one hundred mile radius from our home office.


Leading the Way

Our company is very innovative, bringing a number of firsts to the Greater Williamsport Area:

  • 1963 - First Stump Grinder
  • 1969 - First Brush Chipper (non-utility)
  • 1971 - First Bucket Truck (non-utility)
  • 1973 - First micro injection system for insect and disease control
  • 1980 - Sawmill utilizing and recycling wood products from removed trees
  • 1993 - First Certified Arborist in a multi county area (only 2000 worldwide at that time)