What is done with trees that are removed in an urban setting?

All of the trees our company removes are recycled in one form or another. The tree’s crown is chipped and stored a few months. These chips are then processed into mulch. Some of the larger wood is also processed for mulch. These include very large diameter logs, decayed wood and other logs not easily used for other products. The mulch is ground and stored for at least 6 months and reground for a final mulch product. This composting process kills all insect and disease organisms, and makes for a nice dark brown color. Other wood is used as firewood. Our buildings are heated with an outdoor wood furnace. Finally some wood is sawed into lumber. The lumber can be used for building material, furniture and cabinets, and crafts. Some interesting species are found in urban areas. Some of these non natives are unique for certain wood working projects. As you can see everything is utilized saving landfill space and helping sustain our natural forests.