Dincher is providing the opportunity to enter for eligibility in our Canopy Cover Grant. One Lycoming County Grant and one County Grant for the surrounding area (Service Area) is being awarded. In order to be eligible, you must be one of the following:

A Municipality, School District, or Non-profit organization in conjunction with Municipality.

There are several rules:

1) Canopy trees on BR List only (trees > 40' Height)
2) Must be planted by volunteers with training from Dincher and Dincher
3) Must accept BR trees and plant in timely manner
4) Must show use of trees as infrastructure (not a beautification project); for example, storm water, screening, noise abatement, cooling etc.
5) Must have Dincher and Dincher approve species and sites-free assistance

In order to enter, email Dincher. Be sure to mention the Canopy Cover Grant in your subject.

If awarded, trees will be picked up at delivery site on delivery day!! You will be notified when and where. Planting must be completed within 5 days. Don't forget: the trees must be maintained.

Canopy Cover Grant recipient - Spring 2013


Canopy Cover Grant Recipient - Fall 2013

St Joseph the Worker Catholic Cemetery.

Twenty mature maples were removed for safety in 2012.

The grant replaced 10 of these trees. 6 Swamp White Oak, 4 Autumn Blaze Maples.