Jersey Shore Borough

Jersey Shore Borough’s street were pruned in the central business area. The pruning included dead and damaged branches, street and sidewalk clearance, and structural improvement to the trees.

Wellsboro Chamber of Commerce

This tree is the fourth largest American Elm in PA. Routine removal of dead wood is essential to managing the tree for disease control (Dutch Elm Disease). Due to the enormous amount of pedestrian traffic under this tree, hazard reduction from dead wood removal is also necessary. D&D have been caring for this tree for…

State College Borough Elm Removal

Removal of American Elm Trees infected with Elm Yellows is essential to slow the spread of this disease. Eight large elms will be removed for this contract. This helps supplement efforts of the Borough’s in house crew to get more work done.

Hazard reduction pruning/tree removal at Centre County Grange Fairgrounds

Approximately 300 trees were pruned of dead and hazardous branches to ensure safety at the fairground. This fair is unique because several hundred campers stay on the grounds in Military type tents. These tents are located within a grove of Mature trees. Reducing liability by pruning failure prone branches is a priority of the Fair…

Citizen’s Electric

Dincher and Dincher was awarded a contract to clear power lines for Citizen’s Electric in Lewisburg Pa. The work will consist of tree removal and pruning throughout the company’s 50 square mile electric distribution system. Citizen’s uses best management practices for utility tree pruning and is a Tee Line USA Utility. The use of ISA…