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Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

Want to make it look even better?

We’ll assist you in pruning your trees. Some of the services we offer are featured below.

Crown Cleaning – Removal of dead, damaged, and diseased branches with some live crown thinning.

Clearance Pruning – Removal of interfering branches to allow room for buildings, utilities, or other obstacles the tree may interfere with or damage.

Crown Raising – removal of lower branches to achieve a working height above the ground level for mowing, pedestrian, and vehicle traffic.

Hazard Pruning – Removal of dead and structurally deficient branches down to a diameter of 1 inch. Also removal of any broken or loose branches from within the crown.

Crown Reduction – reducing tree height by properly cutting back to lateral branches. Not a desirable type of pruning for large trees. Mainly used on shrubs.

Crown Restoration – Attempt to return the crown to a more normal appearance and structure after topping. May take several pruning cycles to accomplish.