We at Dincher & Dincher recycle 100% of our tree debris.

All of the wood from trees is recycled into mulch, firewood, or lumber. Our office, shop, and homes are heated with wood using outdoor furnaces. Domestic hot water is also heated this way. Some excess wood is also sold for firewood as a load your own truck. All chips are stockpiled and reground for mulch.

Any very large logs are also ground as well as any wood not suitable for firewood or lumber. The resulting chips are stored for about a year and reground into medium textured, dark wood mulch. The composting process enables sufficient heat in the piles to kill disease organisms and insect pests. The mulch is then sold wholesale to Landscape Contractors, and retail to homeowners. The mulch can be picked up or delivery is available.

Logs that are useable as saw logs are milled into lumber or sold to other mills for milling. Resulting sawdust is used for livestock bedding or added to the mulch pile. Many components of our office building are wood products from our own logs.